Currently, orders placed via our online catalog will be delivered free of charge within 24 hours if the item is in stock locally.  If the item has to be shipped from our miami based warehouse, you will be given an ETA when you can expect to have your item(s).

We are committed in getting your solutions to you in the shortest possible timeframe!

Locally in-stock items will be delivered within one (1) business day.  Items shipping from our Miami-based warehouse will be delivered within ten (10) business days.

We are committed to getting your solutions to you in the shortest possible timeframe.

After your order is placed, our service delivery team jumps into action to identify your items and arrange delivery / shipping to you!

We work with all couriers to ensure your solutions reach you in the shortest possible timeframe.

Once your order is placed, you will be emailed your invoice for the items ordered.  Our service delivery team will also be in contact with you to expedite delivery to you.


Payment for all orders made via credit / debit card will be processed at the time of the order and you will see this indicated on your next credit card statement or indicated in your banking app.

Wishlist is a function of this website that allows you to keep an eye on items you don’t wish to purchase right away.  When you’re ready to purchase the items in the wishlist, you can simply ‘add that item to cart’ and complete your purchase.

While we do endeavour to ensure that all orders are shipped out correctly, we do recognize that sometimes errors do occur and that we need to remedy these quickly.

If the items received are damaged or incorrect, please alert us immediately by calling us at 1 246 289 8283 or email us at  A team member will immediately reach out to you to remedy your situation.

You certainly can!  Please note that there is no charge for canceling orders that haven’t shipped out as yet.

Orders that have shipped out / or at the final point of delivery, if canceled, will incur a 15% restocking fee.

All items shipped out will come with tracking information from the ‘carrier’ which we will forward to you as it becomes available.  Using this, you can track your items via the carrier’s website.

Alternatively, we offer our own tracking solution where you can track your purchases from one central location on our website.  This is handy if you’re shipping to different locations in which different carriers are used to ship.