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360 Motion Sensor

A wireless ceiling-mount 360° motion sensor with a 25 to 40-foot range. This low-profile, commercial-grade motion sensor is ideal for larger homes or businesses with large lobbies or multiple entrances on a single floor

5-Button FOB

Forget to arm the system on your way out the door? No problem, the encrypted FOB gives gives you secure, on-the-go convenience for basic arming functions and can be programmed to turn on a Z-Wave™ light, or trigger a panic alarm. The LED indicates data transmission activity.

BAT-Connect Communicator

Easily upgrade old security panels to a modern, mobile user experience. Much more than a basic communicator, this award-winning device smartly bridges intrusion security, video, and automation to the lightning-fast CaribID Network.

CO Sensor

CO Sensor provides alerts to dangerous levels of CO. Sensor provides CO level memory indication, and an end of life notification. The alarm will signal when a dangerous amount of CO is detected.

Connect+ Loaded Panel

The Loaded Connect+ Panel is a fully-integrated IoT hub, with the new M1 cellular card for 4G/5G, Z-Wave automation card, and Touchpad Wi-Fi card pre-installed. Your customers gain real-time, interactive command of intrusion security, video cameras and automation devices. You save time on the install and stand ready for service upgrades, without the truck roll.

Connect+ Loaded Panel with Slimline Touchpad

The Loaded Connect+ Panel is a fully-integrated IoT hub, with the new M1 cellular card for 4G/5G, Z-Wave automation card, and Touchpad Wi-Fi card pre-installed. The included Slimline Touchpad gives owners real-time, interactive command of every security sensor, camera and automation device.

Connect+ Outdoor Siren Strobe

Outdoor rated siren strobe provides an added deterrent to the exterior of a home or business. With it’s 100dB siren and flashing lights, it discourages would-be intruders, while also assisting authorities in making their way to the right location.

Connect+ Panel

Our Connect+ Panels bring complete security and home automation into one platform. A modern design that is easy to install and blends into any environment. Professional security that is UL compliant, with blazing fast communications and control. Modular and customizable with snap-in modules for cellular backup, smart device control, and existing sensor take over. Your customers will love how easy it is to control their security with smart devices and easy setup of scenes and automation.

Connect+™ Wireless Siren

Wall-powered, remote siren, synchronized to the Connect+ panel, featuring backup battery power, unparalleled wireless range, and a cover tamper. The Connect+ panel can support up to 8 Wireless Sirens.

Connect+™ Wireless Siren Bluetooth

Remote, Bluetooth siren, powered by user replaceable AAA batteries. The Connect+ panel can support one Bluetooth Siren.

Door Window Sensor

Standard Door/Window Sensor is a full-featured security transmitter with industry-leading wireless range and battery life. Door/Window Sensor detects the opening and closing of doors and windows.

Flat Mount Touchpad

Ancient keypads leave more than just a tired old look on-site, they’re surrounded by paint lines. The Flat Mount Touchpad has a 9” x 5.5” footprint to cover the sins of old keypads, covering over unsightly screw holes. The low-profile Flat Mount has the same vivid 7” capacitive touchscreen as the Slimline Touchpad, controlling security, video and automation devices in an instant.