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Aeotec Smart Home Hub

  • Easiest way to make your home a smart home: Wirelessly connect and control a huge range of smart devices - over 5,000 are available from dozens of brands - including voice assistants, lights & switches, speakers, cameras, sensors and more
  • Automate connected devices: Any device you connect can be included into automations which can be intelligently managed
  • Control via app and voice: Monitor and control connected devices, and run automations, using the SmartThings app on Android, iOS, and iPadOS, or voice user interfaces Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Requires an internet-connected Wi-Fi router (available Ethernet port recommended), plus a smart phone or table running the SmartThings app
  • Compatibility: certified to work with Google, Alexa, SmartThings, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave Plus, and ZigBee protocols. Not compatible outside of the USA.

Ezlo Secure Smart Hub

  • Enables control of Z-Wave, Zigbee, and 2GIG devices including lights, thermostats, door locks, sensors, and more, from multiple manufacturers
  • Control over 27,000 Wi-Fi devices associated with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant using Ezlo VOI
  • Built-in backup battery keeps your system running even if the power is out
  • Built-in siren helps deter intruders—trigger it automatically if key sensors are tripped
  • Create personalized scenes, including grouped triggers and actions, so home is always the way you like it
  • Use local control for ultra-fast responsiveness and to keep your system off the cloud
  • New EzloCast feature lets you control groups of devices—20 shades or 50 lights—simultaneously
  • Get remote access and system notifications sent to your iOS or Android phone through the Vera App
  • Features Z-Wave Smart Start for easy pairing of other devices

Insteon Central Controller Hub

  • The Insteon Hub gives you control over a huge family of connected devices, all from your smartphone and tablet
  • Create customized scenes for instant recalling of your favorite lighting settings, & create schedules for individual devices or scenes
  • Get instant alerts from sensors for things like motion, water leaks and doors opening
  • Control temperature from an Insteon Thermostat (2441TH) or a Nest Learning Thermostat (iOS and Android)
  • Dual-band device works with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant for voice control (sold separately)