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Pole Mount (Needs Junction Box), for ANC-11xFB, ANC-21xFB, ANC-21xMB

  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Pole Mount for Fixed & Motorized Bullet
  • Requires Junction box.
  • Compatible with U Series IP Cameras:
  • ANC-212FB, ANC-212MB
  • ANC-215FB, ANC-215MB
  • ANC-218FB, ANC-218MB

Pole Mount for Turret, Dome Body (Need Wall Mount) for ANC-11xFT, ANC-11xFD, ANC-11xMD, ANC-21xFT, ANC-21xMT, ANC-21xFD, ANC-21xMD

  • Galvanized Sheet
  • Pole Mount for Turret & Dome
  • Compatible with U Series IP Cameras:
  • ANC-212FT, ANC-212MT
  • ANC-215FT, ANC-215MT
  • ANC-218FT, ANC-218MT
  • ANC-212FD, ANC-212MD
  • ANC-215FD, ANC-215MD
  • ANC-218FD, ANC-218MD